Foot-stool 69

Mi 469.

Footstool suitable Jetson with arms with a distance of 42,5 cm between the floor and the top of the tube
(measured at the front beside the cushion). With frame of steeltubes and supporting close web. Button stitched
cushion of polyether (CMHR). As standard covered with leather Elmonordic 99008, black. Alternatively with
supporting close web of linen and edging in black leather. Base of chromium plated solid steel
Width 480, depth 440, height 420 mm.

Information regarding other covering materials on request.
Fabric needed. 55 cm by 130 cm width
Leather needed (2 stools): 1/2 hide by 5 m² (cushion 100x50 cm, edging 180x10 cm).

As option we offer a kit for heightadjustment of the stoool to suite older models of Jetson with a distance
between the floor and the top of the tube of 45 cm.