Supporting net with seat and back cushion

Mi466 Jetson 66

Designed in 1965

Swivel easychair with a self return mecanism. Seat of steeltubes with edges trimmed in black leather, Elmosoft 99999.
Black supporting net, mesh of high strength polyester. Pillow and cushion button stitched with padding of polyether
(CMHR). Chromium plated base of solid, special steel.
Width 570, depth 820, height 895, seat height 320 mm.

Pillow and cushion covered with black leather Elmosoft 99999, Information regarding
other fabric or leather on request.

Covering material needed for pillow and cushion
Fabric: 130 cm by 150 cm width
Leather: Cushion 150x120 cm, Pillow 70x50 cm

Edge trim: 2 pcs 160x20 cm

By the beginning of the 1960´s, Bruno Mathsson had become interested in the use of steel as a material for furniture. In steel, he saw the possibility to create a new type of light, resilient furniture which combined timeless elegance with good comfort. As with his bent laminated furniture, he strived to minimize the amount of padding used letting the form provide the comfort. In 1965, inspired by the dawning space age, Bruno Mathsson designed an easychair in steel which was launched a year later at an exhibition in Malmö, Sweden. The futuristic looking chair gained the name Jetson. The chair was re-launched in 2005 to the original specification under the name Jetson 66.