Royal visit

On March 20, 2013, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia visited the Bruno Mathsson Center in Värnamo. After the King and Queen arrived and were greeted, Bruno Mathsson's works and history were shown. The royal couple, who had chosen this destination themselves, seemed to appreciate the tour very much.

This was followed by a sitting where the royal couple were offered hot water and a kind of candy called polka-pigs. This very odd menu was served together with the background story: When Bruno Mathsson arrived at the office in the morning, water would be heated in a coffee pot, after a while he lifted the lid of the coffee pot to smell if the water was hot enough. When the water was hot enough, it was served together with a polka-pig that melted in the mouth.


The Edith Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois

The Edith Farnsworth House, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was completed in 1951 and was originally furnished with, among other things, Bruno Mathsson furniture.

In 2020, Bruno Mathsson International AB contributed furniture to an exhibition intended to recreate the interior.


Artwork in the skatepark

In connection with the opening of the new skatepark in Värnamo on 20 May 2017,

a work of art in the form of Lounge chair model 36 was unveiled there. The work of art is on a scale of 2:1 and is cast in aluminium.


Easychair Eva in bronze

In October 1986, at Storgatsbacken in central Värnamo, two armchairs Mina and a memory board cast in bronze was unveiled.
The then governor Gösta Gunnarsson and the municipal council Stig Fransson gave the opening speech.


Train named after Bruno Mathsson

Since the 1990´s, trains named after famous småland profiles roll along on the småland (province in the south of Sweden) railways.
Among others Kristina Nilsson (opera singer), Dag Hammarskjöld (UN Secretary-General), Pär Lagerqvist (Nobel Prize winner) and Bruno Mathsson.


Bruno Mathsson place

On Saturday 27 August 1994, Centralplan in central Värnamo changed its name to Bruno Mathsons Plats (Bruno Mathsson´s Place).
Many had gathered for the opening, which was conducted by the chairman of the municipal council, Bo Zaar.
The marching band Lyran with the Drill girls brightened the opening.


The Bruno Mathsson Center becomes a building monument

The Bruno Mathsson Center in Värnamo consists of Bruno Mathsson's parents' home, a wooden villa which then also housed the furniture workshop, as well as his first glass house from 1950. In 1993, a new glass building was erected on the site. It is based on Bruno Mathsson's sketches but for various reasons could not be realized during his lifetime. The new building connects the wooden villa with the original glass house.

In 1945, an experimental house had been erected in the garden in Värnamo in which Bruno Mathsson tried out his ideas. According to the building permit, it was supposed that this house would only stand for one year, but it ended up standing until 1985.


The experimental house came to be recreated with largely the same building elements and plan as the original house. On June 26, 2014, County Governor Minoo Akhtarzand inaugurated the newly constructed building. At the initiative of the county board, the entire Bruno Mathsson Center was declared a building monument at the same time.

Even Bruno Mathsson's own factory building, also located in Värnamo, was declared a building monument.

About 200 people attended the ceremony, which ended with a speech by the chairman of the municipal board, Hans-Göran Johansson.