Round Annika tables

Designed in 1936

Table with core of edge glued Alder wood, visible at the edges. Treated wih clearcote.
Black stained edges optional for tables with laminate top.

Veneer of Ash, Beech, birch, Oak and white laminate. Other kinds of wood, stain or colours
on laminate on request.

Legs of bentlaminated Beech, clearcoted. Stain as option.

Other sizes can be obtained on request.

Size . Table height . Art. No.

Ø 45 cm          32 cm                             Mi 580

Ø 55 cm          32 eller 40 cm              Mi 581

Ø 65 cm          32 eller 40 cm             Mi 592

Ø 75 cm          52 cm                             Mi 583

Ø 85 cm         52 cm                             Mi 584

Ø 95 cm         52 cm                             Mi 585