Daybed Paris

Mi 037 daybed Paris

Designed in 1937

Daybed of bentlaminatd Beech with clearcoat. Covered with linen webbing, natural or light.
alternativ black webbing.
The linen webbing is vowen in Sweden of european flax and is specially developed for our furniture.
Black webbing of polyester, specially developed for our furnture..
Upholstery in polyether (CMHR), with buttons covered with leather.

Upholstery in fabric or leather.

Width 800, total length 2190, cushion length 1940, height 550-490 mm.

As a young man Bruno Mathsson embraced a lifestyle rooted in the tradition of physical culture. This contained not only exercise and outdoor living, but also the benefit of letting the body rest for a while in the middle of the day. With this in mind Bruno Mathsson created this light, resilient and at the time, award winning design. Mathsson’s design has inbuilt elasticity through his use of a frame of bent laminated wood and supporting element of plaited webbing. This characteristic combined with the raised head support gives the body excellent support while at rest. In the design of Paris, Bruno Mathsson pursued his interest in using bent laminated wood and plated webbing. As with his chairs he used minimal upholstery using the form to achieve good support and comfort. The daybed was first displayed at his debut exhibition in 1936 and was also given prominence the following year on his stand at the 1937 world exhibition in Paris.Bruno Mathsson and his bent laminated furniture attracted interest from an international audience at the world exhibition. The French ministry for trade and industry honoured Bruno Mathsson for his innovative designs with a Diplome Commémoratif and the daybed became known simply as Paris.